Lawry’s Prime Rib Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Lawry’s Prime Rib in Singapore, where delicious food awaits, Lawry’s Prime Rib Menu has tasty dishes, but nothing beats our famous Lawry’s Prime Rib and creamy Lobster Bisque. People love coming here because our food is top-notch and perfect for any occasion.


SGeats not only shows off yummy dishes like Spinach Salad and tasty Mashed Potatoes but also gives you the latest prices straight from our restaurant. Plus, we’ve got colorful pictures of each dish, so you can see exactly what you’re getting before you order. Lawry’s Prime Rib is all about great food and good times.

Lawry’s Menu Prices

Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore menu can be categorised as Starters| Roast Prime Ribs of Beef | Fresh Seafood | Other Recommendations | Accompaniments | Kids Menu | Lawry’s To-Go Packages | Beverages.

Lawry’s Starters Menu With Prices

Mussels Alla PomodoroSGD 42.00
Sauteed Vongole in Whute Wine SauceSGD 42.00
Atlantic Lobster TailSGD 39.00
Hokkaido ScallopsSGD 39.00
Pan Seared Goose Foie GrasSGD 43.00
Traditional Lump Crab CakeSGD 39.00
Lobster BisqueSGD 29.00
USDA Prime Black Angus MeatballsSGD 22.00
Homemade Roma Tomato SoupSGD 22.00
Forest Mushroom SoupSGD 19.00

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Lawry’s Roasted Prime Ribs Of Beef Price

California CutSGD 99.00
Lawry’s CutSGD 145.00
English CutSGD 115.00
Diamond Jim Brady CutSGD 223.00

Lawry’s Fresh Seafoods Menu Prices

Baked Atlantic Cod FishSGD 99.00
Atlantic Lobster DuoSGD 85.00
Atlantic Lobster DinnerSGD 123.00
Grilled Ora King SalmonSGD 79.00
Fish & ChipsSGD 50.00
Seafood PastaSGD 48.00

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Lawry’s Other Recommendations Prices

US Prime Black Angus MS 6-7 Wagyu StriploinSGD 169.00
US Prime Black Angus Filet Mignon SteakSGD 119.00
US Prime Black Angus Tenderloin SteakSGD 98.00
Truffle Rosemary Crusted LambSGD 88.00
US Prime Black Angus Rib Eye SteakSGD 115.00
Golden Crispy Half Spatchcock ChickenSGD 82.00
Costa Brava Baby Back Pork RibsSGD 78.00
USDA Prime Black Angus Ground Beef LasagnaSGD 60.00
USDA Prime Black Angus Meatball PastaSGD 46.00

Lawry’s Accompaniments Prices

Creamed CornSGD 14.00
Buttered PeasSGD 13.00
Creamed SpinachSGD 14.00
US Idaho Mashed PotatoesSGD 13.00
Yorkshire PuddingSGD 8.00

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Lawry’s Kids Menu Prices

Kids 3-Course Set MenuSGD 59.00

Lawry’s To-go Packages Prices

Lawry’s On the GoSGD 850.00
The Prime ChoiceSGD 1700.00
Wholesome AccompanimentsSGD 195.00
Prestige AccompanimentsSGD 330.00

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Lawry’s Beverages Prices

Still Mineral WaterSGD 9.00
Sparkling Mineral WaterSGD 9.00
Coca-Cola LightSGD 8.50
Coca-Cola SteviaSGD 8.50
Ginger AleSGD 8.50
Tonic WaterSGD 8.50
Root BeerSGD 8.50
Lawry’s Cabernet SauvignonSGD 83.00
Lawry’s ChardonnaySGD 83.00
CoronaSGD 15.00
TigerSGD 15.00
HeinekenSGD 15.00
GuinnessSGD 15.00
AsahiSGD 15.00
CarlsbergSGD 15.00
Miller GenuineSGD 15.00

hot selling item at Lawry’s Prime Rib Singapore

The most popular thing people buy at Lawry’s Prime Rib Singapore is their special Roasted Yorkshire Prime Rib. It’s the food they’re known for, and it’s really good. They cook the prime rib slowly in a special oven for a long time, making it soft and tasty with a yummy outside layer. You can pick different parts to eat, like the centre, end, or other special parts.

Nutrition Table For Lawry’s Prime Rib Menu Singapore

Item Name Calories Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Center Cut Filet 350 0 24
Atlantic Salmon 300 0 22
Atlantic Lobster Tails 250 1 18
Creamed Spinach 150 3 6
Beef Brown Gravy 100 2 3
Yorkshire Pudding Cooked 200 2 5
Maytag Blue Cheese 120 1 6
Brandy Green Peppercorn 80 2 1
Golden Fried Calamari 250 1 15
Lawry’s Baked Idaho Potato 180 2 4
Crispy Fried Onions 90 3 1
Lawry’s Salad 100 3 2
Lawry’s Seasoned Salt 0 0 0
Buttered Peas 80 4 3
Item Name Total Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)
Center Cut Filet 0 28 80
Atlantic Salmon 0 20 65
Atlantic Lobster Tails 2 15 70
Creamed Spinach 8 12 20
Beef Brown Gravy 5 7 15
Yorkshire Pudding Cooked 15 10 30
Maytag Blue Cheese 2 10 25
Brandy Green Peppercorn 4 5 10
Golden Fried Calamari 20 18 35
Lawry’s Baked Idaho Potato 25 8 0
Crispy Fried Onions 10 5 0
Lawry’s Salad 6 7 0
Lawry’s Seasoned Salt 0 0 0
Buttered Peas 10 5 0

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

The price of the prime rib at Lawry’s varies depending on the size of the cut. The most minor cut, 6 ounces, is priced at 59. The most significant cut, 16 ounces, is priced at 129.

The best side dish to order with the prime rib is the Yorkshire pudding. The Yorkshire pudding is a traditional English dish with flour, eggs, and milk. It is served with prime rib and gravy and is a delicious complement to the meat.

Lawry’s has a smart casual dress code. This means that you should dress in neat clothing. Shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops are not allowed.

Yes, Lawry’s has a children’s menu. The children’s menu features a variety of dishes, including chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, and hamburgers.

Yes, Lawry’s takes reservations. You can make a reservation online or by calling the restaurant.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you checked all the yummy options on Lawry’s Prime Rib menu? Whether you love steak or crave crispy calamari, there’s something tasty waiting for you. Swing by your nearest Lawry’s Prime Rib Singapore outlet now and dig in.

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