Hvala Menu With Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Hvala Menu Singapore, where you can enjoy tasty Japanese desserts and drinks in a cozy, friendly place. Whether you want something sweet or just relax with a cup of tea, we want you to have a great time. Come and enjoy our delicious treats at Hvala Singapore.


Explore our SGeats guide to Hvala Singapore’s menu. It shows the latest prices and pictures from the restaurant. Try their soft, fluffy Japanese-style pancakes with fresh fruits and creamy toppings. They also have matcha desserts like parfaits and cakes, plus a variety of teas and unique coffees. Whether you’re planning to visit or just curious about what they offer, this article has all the necessary information.

Hvala Menu With Price 2024

Hvala Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Desserts 
  • Sliced Cakes 
  • Gelato & Sorbet
  • Tea Latte
  • Ice Blend 


Dairy-Free WafflesSGD 14.80
An Butter BriocheSGD 13.90
Fudgy Chocolate BrownieSGD 12.90
Matcha BlondieSGD 12.90
Kinako Warabi MochiSGD 6.80
Yuzu Warabi MochiSGD 6.80
Chrysanthemum Yuzu MochiSGD 7.80
ChaffogatoSGD 8.50
Warabi Mochi w/ GelatoSGD 10.50
Goma ParfaitSGD 14.80
Matcha Azuki ParfaitSGD 14.80

Tarts & Petits 

Milk Chocolate Peach TartSGD 9.90
Matcha PetitSGD 9.90
Smoked Pistachio TartSGD 9.90
Hojicha Yuzu PetitSGD 9.90

Sliced Cakes 

Honey Earl Grey HazelnutSGD 8.90
GomaSGD 8.90
TiramisuSGD 8.90
Kuri RingoSGD 8.90
YuzuSGD 8.90
Chocolate TruffleSGD 8.90

Gelato & Sorbet 

Dark Matcha (Kuro)SGD 6.90
White Matcha (Shiro)SGD 6.90
Matcha 1SGD 5.90
Matcha 2SGD 6.90
Matcha 3SGD 7.90
GomaSGD 5.90
Caramelised SobachaSGD 5.90
HojichaSGD 5.90
White Chrysanthemum SobachaSGD 6.90
Chocolate SorbetSGD 5.90
Yuzu SorbetSGD 5.90
Rockmelon SorbetSGD 5.90

Straight Matcha  

HanaSGD 10.90
KazeSGD 8.90
YukiSGD 5.50
TsukiSGD 5.50
Single Cultivar MatchaSGD 14.90

Tea Latte  

Hana MatchaSGD 12.90
Kaze MatchaSGD 10.90
Yuki MatchaSGD 5.90
Tsuki MatchaSGD 5.90
Dark MatchaSGD 6.90
White MatchaSGD 6.90
Matcha Hojicha LatteSGD 5.90
Matcha Goma LatteSGD 5.90
Hojicha Goma LatteSGD 5.90
Genmaicha LatteSGD 5.90
Hojicha LatteSGD 5.90

Ice Blend 

MatchaSGD 8.00
HojichaSGD 8.00
Matcha HojichaSGD 8.50
GenmaichaSGD 8.00
YuzuSGD 8.50


1925SGD 8.00
Orchid’s BreathSGD 8.00
Chrysanthemum YuzuSGD 8.00
Hojicha KariganeSGD 7.00
SobachaSGD 7.00
KamairichaSGD 7.90
IribanchaSGD 5.90
TenchaSGD 6.90
GyokuroSGD 14.90
Tie Guan YinSGD 6.90
Dong DingSGD 6.90
Pine Smoked BlackSGD 6.90
Bug Bitten Samidori BlackSGD 6.90
Bai MudanSGD 7.90
Maihao YinzhenSGD 7.90
SobachaSGD 5.90

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hvala is renowned for its matcha-based beverages, including Matcha Latte, Matcha Espresso, and Matcha Float. They also offer a variety of Japanese teas and specialty coffee drinks.

Yes, Hvala offers a selection of Japanese-inspired desserts such as Warabi Mochi, Matcha Tiramisu, and Dorayaki (Japanese pancakes filled with red bean paste).

Absolutely! In addition to its extensive matcha menu, Hvala serves a range of coffee beverages, including espresso-based drinks and various teas, such as Hojicha and Sencha.

Customers can choose their preferred sweetness level and dairy/non-dairy options for their drinks to suit their taste preferences.

Yes, Hvala occasionally offers seasonal items, such as limited-time matcha flavors or unique desserts, to complement their regular menu offerings.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you explored all the tempting choices on the Hvala menu? Popular picks include the Hana Matcha, Gyokuro, and Hojicha. Head to your nearest Hvala Singapore outlet and pick your favorite meal today!

Hvala Singapore Location And Opening Hours

111 Somerset Rd, #01-10, Singapore 2381641

Opening Hours:

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