Hollin Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Hollin Menu Singapore, which is the place to be. Looking for delicious bubble tea and snacks? It’s a famous location for bubble tea lovers and foodies with a wide variety of refreshing drinks and tasty treats. From classic milk tea to creative fruit teas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Our guide, SGeats, also provides up-to-date prices and delicious images of their menu items. You’ll find it here whether you’re craving a warm cup of tea or a sweet boba treat. Head to their outlet in Suntec City for a flavorful experience you will recognise.

Hollin Menu Singapore 2024

Hollin menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Rock Salt Macchiato
  • Ice Cream Tea
  • Milk Tea
  • Tea Latte
  • Refreshing & Fruity
  • Yakult
  • Dirty Drink
  • Other Toppings

Rock Salt Macchiato

DishesPrice In SGD (M)Price In SGD (L)
Black Tea R.S.M.3.804.80
Green Tea R.S.M.3.804.80
Earl Grey R.S.M.3.804.80
Oolong R.S.M.3.804.80
Pink Guava R.S.M4.605.60
Shizuoka Matcha R.S.M4.805.80
Belgium Cocoa R.S.M4.805.80
Caramel Tea R.S.M4.805.80
Hazelnut Tea R.S.M4.805.80
Strawberry R.S.M4.805.80
Mango R.S.M4.805.80

Ice Cream Tea Series

DishesPrice In SGD (M)Price In SGD (L)
Ice Cream Milk Tea4.505.50
Ice Cream Black Tea Srm5.006.00
Ice Cream Cocoa Latte6.107.10

Milk Tea

DishesPrice In SGD (M)Price In SGD (L)
Green Milk Tea3.304.30
Oolong Milk Tea3.704.70
Earl Grey Milk Tea3.704.70
Honey Milk Tea4.105.10
Hazelnut / Caramel Milk Tea4.105.10
Bubble Milk Tea4.405.40
Pudding Caramel Milk Tea5.206.20
Coffee Konjac Caramel M.T.5.506.50

Tea Latte (Fresh Milk Tea)

DishesPrice In SGD (M)Price In SGD (L)
Black Tea Latte3.904.90
Black Tea Latte3.904.90
Earl Grey Tea Latte4.005.00
Honey Black Tea Latte4.905.90
Hazelnut Black Tea Latte4.905.90
Caramel Black Tea Latte4.905.90
Belgium Cocoa Latte4.905.90
Shizuoka Matcha Latte4.905.90
Bubble Fresh Milk4.905.90

Refreshing & Fruity

DishesPrice In SGD (M)Price In SGD (L)
Honey Green / Black Tea3.604.60
Pink Guava Green Tea3.704.70
Lychee Oolong Tea3.904.90
Honey Lime Green Tea3.904.90
Honey Lime Juice3.904.90
Strawberry Green Tea4.005.00
Mango Green Tea4.005.00

Yakult Series

DishesPrice In SGD (M)Price In SGD (L)
Yakult Green / Black Tea4.505.50
Soursop Yakult5.206.20
Lychee Yakult5.206.20
Lime Yakult5.206.20
Pink Guava Yakult5.206.20
Strawberry Yakult5.206.20
Mango Yakult5.206.20

Dirty Drink (Fresh Milk)

DishesPrice In SGD (M)Price In SGD (L)
Dirty Brown Sugar (+ Pearls)5.006.00
Dirty Strawberry (+ Pearls)5.306.30
Dirty Mango (+ Pearls)5.306.30

Other Toppings

DishesPrice In SGD (M)Price In SGD (L)
Coffee Konjac Jelly1.401.40
Original Konjac Jelly1.401.40
Ice Cream1.201.20

Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

They’re also Halal-certified which provides a peace-of-mind to Muslim customers.

Yes, Hollin provides dairy-free options such as soy milk or oat milk for customers who are lactose impatient or prefer plant-based options.

Yes, Hollin may have loyalty programs or membership bonuses for regular customers.

There are many popular drinks at Hollin Menu.Some of these are:

Hollin Earl Grey Milk Tea,Black Tea Rock Salt Macchiato,Matcha Latte with Cocoa Pearls

There are several Hollin Menu outlets across Singapore.

Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM – 9:30 PM)

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you tried all the yummy options on the Hollin menu yet? Did you find something you liked? Some top choices are the Lychee Yakult, Coffee Konjac Jelly, and Black Tea. Head to the nearest Hollin Menu outlet in Singapore and treat yourself to these delicious treats today.

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Hollin Menu Location And Opining Hours

Toa Payoh Mall

Location: 190 Toa Payoh Central, #01-564 Opposite HDB Hub, Singapore 310190

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (09:00pm to 10:00am)

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