Hajah Monah Kitchen (Newton Food Centre)

Welcome to Hajah Monah Kitchen in Singapore. This food stall in Newton is popular among Muslims. Hajah Monah Kitchen serve delicious and homey Malay food that follows Halal practices. People love Mee Siam, Lotong, Nasi Lemak, and especially Nasi Padang. The Nasi Padang is unique because you can add tasty ingredients like sambal goreng, ikan billis, curry chicken, chicken wings, begedel, tempeh, squid, and beef rendang.


Moreover, The best part is that everything tastes homemade, and the service is quick. One thing they’re famous for is their rendang. It’s incredibly tender, bursting with flavors, and has a creamy texture that almost melts in your mouth. The sauce goes perfectly with the freshly steamed rice. It’s a must-try.

 Hajah Monah Kitchen Menu with Price

DishesPrice In SGD
Sambal Goreng$3.50
Rendang Beef$3.50
Nasi Padang$4.50
Nasi Lemak Chicken Wings$3.50
Mile Sam$3.50
Mee Jaim$3.50
Ikan Billis$6.00
Fried Egg$4.00
Dry lontong Kering$4.50
Chicken Wings$3.50
Chicken Sambal$3.50
Chicken Liver$3.00
Chicken Egg$4.00
Chicken Curry$3.50
Chicken Crispy$4.00
Beef Rendang$5.00

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Yes, Hajah Monah Kitchen is proud to be a halal restaurant, ensuring that all our dishes adhere to Islamic dietary guidelines.

The Stall is open its door from Monday to Sunday (6:00 AM to 3:00 PM) to cater to your dining needs. 

Hajah Monah Kitchen takes pride in offering a unique culinary experience. Our skillfully blend traditional recipes with modern twists, creating a distinctive menu that sets us apart.

Yes, we provide comfortable seating for our dine-in customers, allowing you to savor the flavors of our dishes in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Have You Picked Your Favourite Dish from the Menu?

I like the dish Chicken Curry most of the time; it is such a delicious dish. It contains a unique taste from another local stall. So next time when you visit, try this dish. You will always be satisfied. Please also look at our Newton Food Centre Best Stall for tasty food at the famous Hawker Centre.

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Stall NameHajah Monah Kitchen
Cuisine Asian, Indonesian
Meals TypesBreakfast,Lunch
Available FeaturesFamily style,Delivery, Outdoor Seating,Digital Payments, Cash Only,

Hajah Monah Kitchen Location and Opening Hours

Location: Newton, #83, Newton Food Centre, Newton Food Centre, Singapore

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (6:00 AM to 3:00 PM)

At: Floor No 4

 Hajah Monah Kitchen Review

Hajah Monah Kitchen
Based on 12 reviews
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Nicholas peckNicholas peck
04:55 09 Oct 23
Food is really good.Only thing is, very inconsistent with portions and pricing.Which Is bad, today charge chicken $2 , tomorrow can be $3 and following day back to $2.
Jeremy LimJeremy Lim
03:31 31 May 23
Delicious padang rice
Ada Natalie.YAda Natalie.Y
23:52 04 Mar 23
Delicious Nasi Lemak, Mee goreng! I usually visit the front row stall but this is hands down better! Waiting to try other dishes on my next visit.Stall owners are nice and friendly which is a plus too!
Nick KohNick Koh
04:41 03 Mar 23
Nasi Padang best to come early. Most dishes get sold out by 2pm.
Laurence LauLaurence Lau
05:10 03 Oct 22
The food here is very good and the boss here are very nice and friendly ,I love it.
Shengyang YuShengyang Yu
15:35 06 Mar 22
One of the best Nasi Padang around central Singapore. The rendang is cooked perfectly and you enjoy the every bite of the meat with the rice.Actually it is pretty affordable too, considering that most of the Nasi Pandang stores are quite pricey.
c.f. Yc.f. Y
00:27 25 Feb 22
A go to place for nasi lemak and lontong. They use basmati rice for the nasi lemak. The nasi padang choices may not be extensive but every dish is delicious cooked. The very flavourful and tender rendang daging goes very well with the nasi lemak. One of the better value stall at Newton. Very nice stall holders who has been in Newton like forever!
Flo YeowFlo Yeow
06:36 29 Sep 21
Finally tried the nasi padang from the stall, and it's okay. It's not mind blowing, it's not bad. For the price point paid, vs the portions and taste, it's a very okay hawker stall. The queues though, are always damn long because there are not many other Muslim food stalls that are open for lunch time here at Newton.Got the beef rendang, bergedil, sayur lodeh, lady fingers, and a sunny side up. Huge packet of rice, for only 5.70. Pretty good value for money. Auntie and uncle are also nice enough and friendly, which honestly is a huge plus for the experience.

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