Egg Stop Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024) 

Welcome to Egg Stop Menu. Our menu is like a flavour party, with delicious dishes for every taste. From yummy breakfast bites to satisfying lunches, Egg Stop is the best food place that makes your taste buds happy. Known for its fantastic egg creations, Egg Stop is where egg lovers and everyone else can enjoy a meal that’s not just tasty but also top-quality. If you’re looking for a delicious and satisfying dining experience, Egg Stop is the go-to spot.


But there’s more to our story. This article isn’t just about the tasty food; it’s your guide to prices and pictures of each dish. We spill the beans on how much everything costs, so you know what to expect. And we’ve got colourful photos of every delicious creation, so you can see how tasty they look. Join us as we explore the yummy flavours, affordable prices, and incredible visuals that make Egg Stop Menu a standout choice for everyone in Singapore.

Egg Stop Menu Singapore 2024

We can say that the Egg Stop Singapore Menu can be categorized into the following: Sandwiches | Sides | Waffles Co. | Tea Lattes | Juices | Sandwich + Mac & Cheese Set | Sandwich + Tater Tots Set

Egg Stop Menu Sandwiches

DishesPrice in SGD
Turkey Bacon & Cheese6.40
Sweet Thai Chilli Fish7.60
Smoked Chicken6.80
Mala Chicken6.80
Mackerel Otah6.50
Kimchi & Chicken Spam6.50
Egg Mayo4.20
Chicken Ham & Cheese6.40
Beef Chilli Cheese6.90
(Spicy) Fried Chicken Sando7.80
Egg Stop Menu Price

Sides Menu

DishesPrice in SGD
Beef Chilli Mac & Cheese6.90
Garlic Bread Sticks3.70
Loaded Tater Tots6.40
Mac & Cheese5.90
Tater Tots5.50
Egg Stop Menu Price Singapore

Waffles Co Menu

DishesPrice in SGD
Breakfast Sausage Sandwich8.40
Fried Chicken & Waffles8.40
S’mores Sandwich5.50
Egg Stop Menu Price

Tea Lattes Menu

DishesPrice in SGD
Oolong Tea Latte5.50
Matcha Latte5.80
Hojicha Latte5.80
Earl Grey Latte5.80
Egg Stop Menu Price Singapore

Juices Menu

DishesPrice in SGD
Fruit Punch2.70
Calamansi Juice2.70
Blackcurrant Juice2.70
Egg Stop Menu Price

Sandwich + Mac & Cheese Set Menu

DishesPrice in SGD
(Spicy) Fried Chicken Sando + Juice + Mac & Cheese15.40
Beef Chilli Cheese + Juice + Mac & Cheese14.40
Chicken Ham + Juice + Mac & Cheese13.90
Kimchi & Chicken Spam + Juice + Mac & Cheese13.90
Mackerel Otah + Juice + Mac & Cheese14.90
Mala Chicken + Juice + Mac & Cheese14.30
Smoked Chicken + Juice + Mac & Cheese14.30
Sweet Thai Chilli Fish + Juice + Mac & Cheese15.10
Turkey Bacon + Juice + Mac & Cheese13.90
Egg Stop Menu Price Singapore

Sandwich + Tater Tots Set

DishesPrice in SGD
(Spicy) Fried Chicken Sando + Juice + Tater Tots13.50
Beef Chilli Cheese + Juice + Tater Tots12.90
Chicken Ham + Juice + Tater Tots11.90
Kimchi & Chicken Spam + Juice + Tater Tots12.00
Mackerel Otah + Juice + Tater Tots13.00
Mala Chicken + Juice + Tater Tots12.30
Smoked Chicken + Juice + Tater Tots12.30
Sweet Thai Chilli Fish + Juice + Tater Tots13.10
Turkey Bacon + Juice + Tater Tots11.90
Egg Stop Menu Price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Egg Stop Menu is unique because it has super yummy food. Their menu is like a flavour adventure, with tasty dishes for everyone.

Not at all. Egg Stop is excellent because it’s reasonable. They have different prices, so you can enjoy tasty food without spending too much money.

Yes, all Egg Stop outlets in Singapore are halal-certified.

Yes. If you’re not into eggs, no worries. Egg Stop has other tasty options, too, like sandwiches and wraps. There’s something for everyone.

Have you picked your favorite menu item?

Have you checked out all the tasty options on the Egg Stop menu? There are so many delicious choices waiting for you. Some favorites that people really enjoy are the classic Egg Stop Sandwich, the yummy Egg Wrap, and the hearty Egg and Cheese Bowl. If you have yet to try them, head to your closest Egg Stop outlet and discover your new favorite meal today. Enjoy exploring the menu and finding the perfect treat for you.

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NameEgg Stop
CategoryClubs & Cafe
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, GrabFood
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Egg Stop Outlets & Opening Hours in Singapore

Bedok North

Location: 84 Bedok North Street 4, #01-35, Singapore 460084

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (10:30 AM To 09:00 PM)

Rangoon Rd

Location: 89 Rangoon Rd, #01-03, Singapore 218375

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (10:30 AM To 08:00 PM)

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