Crave Nasi Lemak Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the Crave Nasi Lemak Menu Singapore. They have a menu with tasty dishes from Singapore. If you like to crave nasi lemak hong leong or want to try to dream nasi lemak in Tanjong Pagar, Crave is the place to be. They make delicious coconut rice and crispy chicken wings that you’ll love.


We at SGeats have shown you pictures of the yummy food and shared the prices. Everything comes straight from the official restaurant, so you know it’s right. Whether you’re checking out the crave nasi lemak menu or crave nasi lemak tanjong pagar, we have all the necessary information. Enjoy your time at Crave; where good food meets good vibes.

Restaurant NameCrave Nasi Lemak Singapore Menu
CategoryAsian & Malay
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, Grabfood
Social Media LinksInstagram, Facebook

Crave Nasi Lemak Menu Singapore 2024

Crave Nasi Lemak Breakfast Menu

Chicken WingSGD 6.80
Beef RendangSGD 8.60
Curry ChickenSGD 8.60
Selar FishSGD 5.20
Chicken CutletSGD 5.20
Fish FilletSGD 4.50
SaverSGD 3.90

Crave Nasi Lemak Lunch & Dinner Menu

Beef RendangSGD 9.90
Curry ChickenSGD 8.90
RoyaleSGD 8.90
JewelSGD 8.90
Chicken WingSGD 8.90
Selar FishSGD 6.90
Chicken CutletSGD 6.90
Fish FilletSGD 6.50
SaverSGD 5.20
Spicy Fish Otah (5 Pcs)SGD 4.50
Spicy Fish Otah (10 Pcs)SGD 8.00
Crispy Chicken Bucket (5 Pcs)SGD 10.00
Crispy Chicken Bucket (10 Pcs)SGD 18.00

Crave Nasi Lemak Sides Price

Fried EggSGD 1.00
Spicy Fish OtahSGD 1.00
Sambal Long BeansSGD 1.00
BergedilSGD 1.00
Sayur LodehSGD 1.00
Chicken StripSGD 2.00
Fish FilletSGD 2.40
Chicken CutletSGD 2.80
Chicken WingSGD 2.80
Selar FishSGD 2.80
Curry ChickenSGD 5.50
Beef RendangSGD 6.50

Crave Nasi Lemak Beverages

Iced BandungSGD 2.50
Iced CalamansiSGD 2.50
CokeSGD 2.50
Soya MilkSGD 2.50

Nutrition Table For Crave Nasi Lemak Menu Singapore

Item Name Calories Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Selar Fish 150 0 25
Chicken Wing 200 0 20
Curry Chicken 300 5 30
Chicken Karaage 250 2 25
Thai Milk Tea 150 20 2
Iced Calamansi 100 25 1
Sambal Chilli 50 8 1
Chicken Cutlet 280 0 35
Sambal Ikan Kering 180 3 15
Item Name Total Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)
Selar Fish 0 5 60
Chicken Wing 2 12 80
Curry Chicken 15 18 100
Chicken Karaage 10 15 90
Thai Milk Tea 25 5 15
Iced Calamansi 30 0 0
Sambal Chilli 12 2 0
Chicken Cutlet 20 15 120
Sambal Ikan Kering 5 10 40

Hot Selling Items At Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore

  • Nasi Lemak Royale: This special meal includes all the usual nasi lemak ingredients, like coconut rice and condiments, and extra treats like a fried chicken wing, otah, and prawns. It’s great if you want to taste a variety of flavors.
  • Nasi Lemak with Chicken Cutlet: This is a classic and popular choice. It has a crunchy chicken cutlet with fragrant coconut rice, small fish, egg, peanuts, and spicy chili sauce.
  • Nasi Lemak with Spicy Fish Otah: If you enjoy spicy food, this one’s for you. It includes the traditional nasi lemak items plus a spicy fish otah, adding an extra kick to the meal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore offers delivery through various food delivery platforms.

 Yes, Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore has a catering menu that offers a variety of nasi lemak platters and other dishes.

Yes, Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore has several halal outlets. You can check the restaurant’s website for a list of halal outlets.

Yes, Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Menu is halal because it does not serve poke and alcoholic drinks.

Yes, Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore offers a variety of discounts, such as student discounts and senior discounts. You can check the restaurant’s website for more information on discounts.


 Some popular nasi lemak dishes at Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore include:

  • Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing
  • Nasi Lemak with Rendang
  • Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Katsu
  • Nasi Lemak with Grilled Fish
  • Nasi Lemak with Sambal Shrimp
  • Nasi Lemak with Squid

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore is a great place to enjoy a delicious and authentic nasi lemak meal. With its wide variety of nasi lemak dishes, affordable prices in SGDs, and convenient opening hours, Crave Nasi Lemak is the perfect place for a quick and satisfying meal.

Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Menu Video

Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Outlets Location & Operating Hours

Crave Nasi Lemak The Clementi Mall

Location: 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, #B1-K4/K5, The Clementi Mall Singapore 129588

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 AM – 9:30 PM

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Crave Nasi Lemak Menu Review

Crave Nasi Lemak
Based on 88 reviews
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Jane AngJane Ang
07:13 02 Mar 24
The food is ok. I'm unsure where the bar chairs should be facing though. Better if the food is served on reusable plates instead of black single-use plastic plates.
07:53 31 Jan 24
The Indian boy at clementi outlet was very generous with the serving. I don't know his name. But my visit was about 3pm 31/01/24. Can you say thank you on behalf of me?Good food, proper serving makes people happy!Well done for making me having a happy meal today!Keep it up! Burppp. Worthwhile!!God bless!
Florence MFlorence M
12:18 13 Sep 23
Bought my Nasi Lemak set with a stick of fish Otah at $1 from Clementi Mall outlet on 13/9/23. Open up found that the otah was full of mould. I throw it away straight. Very bad, Grave management must look into this please.
13:08 19 Aug 23
Ordered for takeaway on Saturday morning. 3 aunties did an excellent job working together even though they had such high volume between counter orders and delivery orders. Had to wait abit but aunty at the cashier was polite & apologetic for wait time but they worked really efficiently together! Great teamwork and customer service 👍🏼👍🏼💪🏼👏🏼, just wanted to point that out 🙂
Ding An ChengDing An Cheng
08:39 13 Nov 18
The nasi Kemal rice is nice, the Teh Tarik is satisfying. The fried ness of the fried chicken is out of the planet. Under rated nasi lemak stall! Ji crispy 一下!

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