Central Perk Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Central Perk Menu, Singapore’s go-to spot for delicious food. We’re all about serving tasty dishes to make your taste buds dance. Whether you’re craving classics like Joey’s Fisherman Stew or feeling adventurous with dishes like Ahh Unagi Oh My God Baby Back Ribs, we’ve got something for everyone. Our menu is packed with flavours that’ll leave you wanting more.


In this guide, SGeats, we’re not just showing off our mouthwatering dishes. We’re also giving you the latest prices from the restaurant’s official sources. Plus, we’ve included colourful pictures to show you precisely what you’re getting. So, if you’re ready for a culinary adventure that won’t break the bank, come on over to Central Perk Menu, and let’s eat.

Central Perk Menu Singapore 2024

Central Perk menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Salad
  • Soups
  • Mains
  • All Day Brunch
  • Pizza
  • Pasta Sides
  • Desserts
  • Hot Juices & Tea
  • Other Beverages
  • F.r.i.e.n.d.s Puccino.


DishesPrice In SGD
Rachel “Green” Salad13.91
Phoebe’s Nutty Vegetarian Salad12.84
Alessandro Caesar Salad14.98


DishesPrice In SGD
Phoebe’s Mushroom Soup14.98
Joey’s “Stuffed Clam” Chowder16.98


DishesPrice In SGD
Chandler’s Thanksgiving Chicken38.52
Ahh.. Unagi38.52
Janiee’s Oh. My. God. Baby Back Ribs41.73
Joey’s Fisherman Stew40.66
Joey’s “You’re My Everest”38.52
Phoebe’s “I Can’t Eat Meat” Steak41.73

All Day Brunch

DishesPrice In SGD
Egg Benedict23.54
Ross’ Thanksgiving Sandwich22.47
Joey’s “Ride Along” Sandwich22.47
Joey’s Big Breakfast24.61


DishesPrice In SGD
Phoebe’s Vegetarian Pizza25.68
Joey’s Meatlover Pizza29.96
Joey’s Salami Pizza27.82
Barbados Pizza27.82


DishesPrice In SGD
Monica’s Vegetarian Lasagne27.82
Phoebe’s “You’re My Lobster” Pasta34.24
Monica’s “Too Much Garlic” Aglio Olio29.96
Monica’s Marinara34.24


DishesPrice In SGD
Tater Tots10.70
Garlicky French Fries10.70
Phoebe’s Mushrooms14.98
Alejandro Calamari14.98
Chandler’s Righteous Mac & Cheese16.05
Joey’s Chicken Wings14.98
Monica’s Baked Oysters16.05
Phoebe’s Sauteed Vegetables10.70


DishesPrice In SGD
Mrs Braverman’s Cheesecake17.12
Heavy Fudge Chocolate Mudcake17.12


DishesPrice In SGD
English Breakfast6.42
Earl Grey Lavender6.42
Jasmine Rose6.42
Matcha Latte8.56

Juices & Tea

DishesPrice In SGD
Lime Juice6.42
Apple Juice6.42
Pineapple Juice6.42
Soursop Juice6.42
Cranberry Juice6.42
Iced Lychee Tea7.49
Homemade Strawberry Earl Grey7.49
Homemade Lemonade7.49

Other Beverages

DishesPrice In SGD
Coke Light5.35
Ginger Ale5.35
Lemon Tea5.35
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water7.49
Acqua Panna Still Water7.49

F.r.i.e.n.d.s Puccino

DishesPrice In SGD
Monica Geller10.70
Rachel Green10.70
Phoebe Buffay10.70
Ross Geller10.70
Chandler Bing10.70
Joey Tribbiani12.84

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Central Perk menu in Singapore is most likely not Halal-certified.

Yes, Central Perk occasionally offers special promotions and discounts to our loyal customers.

Yes, Central Perk accepts reservations for both small and large groups. To make a reservation, simply give us a call or book online through our website.

Central Perk regularly updates its menu to keep things fresh and exciting for our guests.

Central Perk is known for its diverse menu, but some favorites among diners include the flavorful Joey’s Fisherman Stew and the indulgent Ahh Unagi Oh My God Baby Back Ribs.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you checked out all the delicious options on the Central Perk menu yet? If you haven’t decided what you want to eat today, how about trying Joey’s famous Fisherman Stew or his tasty Meatlover Pizza? Just go to the nearest Central Perk Singapore shop and treat yourself to a yummy meal today.

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