Auntie Anne’s Menu With Prices Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Auntie Anne’s Singapore, which offers a delightful variety of pretzels and beverages. The Auntie Anne’s Menu and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Menu feature a range of freshly baked pretzels, from classic salted to cinnamon sugar, making it the go-to choice for snack lovers. With their signature soft pretzels and refreshing beverages, Auntie Anne’s promises a satisfying experience for all taste buds.


Check out our SGeats guide, which explores Auntie Anne’s and Beverages’ menus in detail, providing you with the latest prices and vivid images of each dish. This article, which uses data from official restaurant sources, contains all the information you need to make an informed choice. 

Auntie Anne’s Menu With Prices 2024

Auntie Anne’s Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Annes Pretzels
  • Stix & Bites
  • Pretzel Dogs & Dips
  •  Value Packs
  •  Beverages

Auntie Annes Pretzels Menu

Cinnamon Sugar3.80
Almond Crunch3.80
Parmesan Cheese3.80
Sour Cream & Onion3.80
Matcha Green Tea3.80
Plain Raisin3.80
Zesty Roselle3.80
Chocolate Eclair3.80
Chocolate Mint3.80
Cheezy Turkey4.30
Sesame Seed3.80
Cinnamon Raisin4.30
Ovaltine Crunchy Pop with White Chocolate Éclair Pretzel4.30
Horlicks with White Chocolate Éclair Pretzel4.30

Auntie Anne’s Stix & Bites Menu

Cinnamon Sugar Stix (6 Pieces)4.50
Original Stix (6 Pieces)4.10
Cheese Nuggets (6 Pieces)5.30
Chocolate Éclair Stix (6 Pieces)4.50
Choco Almond Bites (6 Pieces)4.50
Chicken Dog Bites (5 Pieces With Free Cheese Dip)5.40

Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Dogs & Dips Menu

Chicken Cheese Dog5.10
Chicken Pretzel Dog4.50
Cheese Dip1.20
Caramel Dip1.20
Chocolate Dip1.20

Auntie Anne’s Value Packs Menu

Buddy Pack2 Pretzels and 2 Beverages. Freshly prepared for you and your buddy.12.60
Family Pack4 Pretzels and 2 Beverages. A treat for you and your family and friends.19.60
Snack & Share2 Pretzels, 2 Stix & Bites, and 2 Beverages. Fun share pack with your family and friends.20.50
Variety Feast2 Pretzels, 2 Pretzel dogs, 2 Stix & Bites and 2 Drinks. A complete meal with your family and friends.28.20
Movie Night4 Stix & Bites and 2 Drinks. Great for movie night and hangouts.21.70

Auntie Anne’s Beverages Menu

Fresh Passionfruit (16 oz)3.70
Hand-Squeezed Lemonade (16 oz)3.70
Hand-Squeezed Lemonade (32 oz)5.10
Hand-Squeezed Lemonade (22 oz)4.30
Fresh Passionfruit (32 oz)5.10
Fresh Passionfruit (22 oz)4.30

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Auntie Anne’s in Singapore offers a variety of popular items such as classic pretzels, pretzel nuggets, pretzel dogs, and a range of flavored pretzels, including cinnamon sugar and almond.

Yes, Auntie Anne’s in Singapore offers unique items like chicken pepperoni pretzels, cheese pretzel dogs, and local favorites like the Kaya pretzel.

Yes, Auntie Anne’s provides healthier alternatives like the Wholemeal Raisin Pretzel and the Multigrain Pretzel, which are lower in calories and offer added nutritional benefits.

Customers can customize their pretzels with various dips such as cheese, caramel, marinara and add-ons like almond crunch and cinnamon sugar.

Auntie Anne’s menu includes sweet options like the Auntie Anne’s Signature Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel and the Pretzel Stix with sweet glaze dips, catering to those with a sweet tooth.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you explored all the tempting choices on Auntie Anne’s menu? Did you find your favorite meal for today? Popular picks include the Chicken Cheese Dog, Cinnamon Raisin, and Chocolate Dip. Head to your nearest Auntie Anne’s Singapore outlet and pick your favorite meal!

Auntie Anne’s Singapore Location And Opening Hours

Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Rd, Plaza Singapura, #B2, #37, Singapore 238839

Opening Hours:

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