Astons Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Aston Menu Singapore is like a party for your taste buds. Aston is not just any place to eat; it’s the top choice for people who love tasty meals served with style. The menu is filled with delicious dishes influenced by the charm of Los. The Aston Villa collection makes Aston a fantastic spot for food lovers.


This article isn’t just about the yummy menu; we’ve got the lowdown on the latest prices and pictures of each dish. Enjoy the Aston experience with the cool vibes of Los Aston Villa vs Newcastle and Villa Aston. We’ve made it easy for you and Google to find the good stuff with words like Aston. Get ready for a tasty journey that’s simple, delicious, and just a click away.

NameAston Menu
CategoryAsian And Fusion
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, Grabfood
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Astons Menu Singapore 2024

Astons Singapore menu can be categorized as: Legendary Steaks | Grillworks Chicken | Fisherman’s pride | Starters | Combos | Entrees | Burgers | Spaghetti fiesta | Hot Side Dishes | Cold Side Dishes.

Astons Menu – Legendary Steaks

Prime SirloinSGD 19.90
Black Pepper SteakSGD 19.90
Prime RibeyeSGD 22.90
Prime Ribeye Extra CutSGD 26.90
New York StripSGD 22.90
Prime TenderloinSGD 29.90
PorterhouseSGD 32.90
Japanese A3 Wagyu SteakSGD 47.90

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Astons Singapore Grillworks Chicken Menu

Chargrilled ChickenSGD 11.90
Black Pepper ChickenSGD 11.90
Crispy Fried ChickenSGD 11.90
Hickory BBQ ChickenSGD 11.90
Teriyaki ChickenSGD 11.90
Lemon Lime ChickenSGD 11.90
Fiery ChickenSGD 11.90
Double Up ChickenSGD 17.90

Astons Fisherman’s Pride

Grilled Fish With HerbSGD 12.50
Black Pepper FishSGD 12.50
Crispy Fried FishSGD 12.50
Chargrilled Salmon FilletSGD 22.90

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Cream of MushroomSGD 3.90
Freshly Baked Garlic LoafSGD 4.50
Nuggets (8 pcs)SGD 4.90
Chicken Wings (2 pcs)SGD 4.50
Vienna Sausages (8 pcs)SGD 5.90
Classic Caesar SaladSGD 8.50
Grand SamplerSGD 12.90
Mexican Nachos Chicken/BeefSGD 7.90
truffle Fried ChipsSGD 5.90

Astons SG Combo Menu

Chicken & FishSGD 18.90
Steak & Chicken (Prime sirloin & Grilled Chicken)SGD 25.90
Surf & Turf (Prime Sirloin & Prawns 3pcs)SGD 23.90
All Day Special (Grilled chicken Vienna Sausages & Scrambled Egg)SGD 17.90

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Astons Menu – Entree 

Lamb Loin ChopsSGD 25.90
Honey Bourbon RibsSGD 17.90
Spanish Chestnut PorkSGD 18.90

Astons Burger Menu

Astons Classic CheeseburgerSGD 15.90
ieat Super BurgerSGD 16.90
Japanese Wagyu BeefSGD 22.90

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Spaghetti Fiesta

Chicken NapolitanaSGD 10.90
Beef BologneseSGD 11.90
Salmon SpaghettiSGD 12.90
Seafood MarinaraSGD 11.90
CarbonaraSGD 11.90

Hot Side Dishes

Baked PotatoSGD 3.00
Mashed potatoSGD 3.00
Potato WedgesSGD 3.00
French FriesSGD 3.00
Tasty RiceSGD 3.00
Mac & CheeseSGD 3.00
Onion RingsSGD 3.00
BBQ BeansSGD 3.00
Corn NibblesSGD 3.00
Garden VeggieSGD 3.00

Astons SG Cold Side Dishes

ColeslawSGD 3.00
House SaladSGD 3.00
Pasta SaladSGD 3.00
Potato SaladSGD 3.00

Nutrition Table For Astons Menu Singapore

Item Name Calories Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Prime Sirloin 350 0 30
Black Pepper Steak 400 2 35
Prime Ribeye 380 1 34
New York Strip 370 1 32
Prime Tenderloin 320 0 28
Chargrilled Chicken 250 1 25
Teriyaki Chicken 280 8 20
Grilled Fish With Herb 220 0 28
Crispy Fried Fish 300 1 20
Chargrilled Salmon Fillet 320 6 26
Cream of Mushroom 180 4 5
Lamb Loin Chops 400 0 45
Spanish Chestnut Pork 350 2 30
Chicken Napolitana 320 3 27
Item Name Total Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)
Prime Sirloin 0 25 90
Black Pepper Steak 5 28 100
Prime Ribeye 3 30 110
New York Strip 4 26 95
Prime Tenderloin 2 22 85
Chargrilled Chicken 2 15 70
Teriyaki Chicken 10 12 80
Grilled Fish With Herb 1 12 60
Crispy Fried Fish 15 18 75
Chargrilled Salmon Fillet 8 22 90
Cream of Mushroom 12 10 25
Lamb Loin Chops 0 28 120
Spanish Chestnut Pork 5 24 110
Chicken Napolitana 6 20 90

Hot selling items at Astons Singapore

  • Signature Sirloin Steak: This classic dish will surely please any steak lover. The steak is expertly grilled to tender, juicy perfection and seasoned with a unique blend of herbs and spices.
  • Seafood Platter: This is an excellent option for those who want to share a meal. The platter features an exquisite selection of grilled prawns, succulent fish fillets, and other seafood.
  • Lamb Chops Deluxe: This dish is perfect for lamb lovers. The lamb chops are perfectly seasoned and grilled to melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Aston restaurants in Singapore that are halal-certified:

There are actually 21 Aston restaurants in Singapore.

Absolutely. Aston’s menu has various options to suit different tastes and preferences, ensuring something for everyone.

Yes, there are. Keep an eye on Aston’s website or social media for announcements about special deals and discounts, making your meals even more delightful.

Yes, you can. Aston offers delivery and takeout services, making it convenient to enjoy their delicious food at home or on the go.

Pick Your Favourite Meal

Aston is not just a place to eat; it’s where delicious meals become unforgettable moments. The excellent los inspire the food. Whether you’re with family or friends, Aston is the go-to spot for good food with a touch of style. With its unique dishes, the menu turns every meal into a special celebration. So, if you’re looking for great food that’s easy on the wallet, Aston is the place to be. Here’s to Aston for making every meal a happy memory.

Aston Singapore Location & Opening Hours


Location: 201 Victoria St, #05-08 / 09A, Singapore 188067

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM

Aston Menu Review

Based on 999 reviews
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CK TanCK Tan
05:31 30 Mar 24
Walk in on a Saturday afternoon at around 1pm and there is no queue ahead of us so waiting time is less than one minute.Ordered the BBQ Chicken at $12.90 and Crispy Fried Fish at $13.50. Top up $5 for a drink and a mushroom soup.Very affordable and inexpensive pricing with no service charge and GST.Will return to dine in again.
Elisa M.Elisa M.
09:22 27 Mar 24
The ieat Super Burger is humongous. Sandwiched between two buns are deep fried onions, juicy beef patty, bacon strips, a slice of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and bbq sauce.Although it doesn’t come with any side dish, it’s very filling. Taste-wise, the bbq flavour ties everything together but there are some areas that taste dry.Cost: $16.90 for B2 ieat Super Burger and $5 for a Soft Drink Upgrade (Soup of the Day + Drink).Total: $23.87 including 9% gst.
05:17 17 Feb 24
Chicken wing is over cooked. $5.90 Net, two wings, not worth it.Best/ most value of money is the combo sets. Two protein with 2 sides. We could share this combo for 2 pax. Which cost about $18.90 Net.They do not have service charge n gst.👍🏻
Hartono HarjonoHartono Harjono
10:01 17 Jan 24
Ascend to the 5th floor of Bugis+ mall for a dining experience at this establishment. Opt for the lift to make the journey more convenient. The welcoming staff guides you to available seating, and ordering is a easy through the QR code system. Swift service ensures minimal waiting time, and the food is exceptional. The staff's efficiency adds to the overall positive experience. Highly recommended for a satisfying meal.
Darwin KusumaDarwin Kusuma
06:23 07 Nov 23
It was good dining experience. Surprised to see fewer crowd on Sunday evening, so we could immediately go in. We ordered a Double Up Chicken as the portion is bigger for our little tummies. Apparently we could choose 2 different flavours (what a plus!) so we picked Hickory BBQ and Fiery Chicken. Both were delicious, though I prefer Fiery Chicken as the meat gets well-marinated. The Potato Wedges were amazing! So decently-priced, so will be coming back in the future!

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