49 Seats Menu With Prices Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to 49 Seats Menu in Singapore; where serve yummy food that mixes Western and Asian flavors in a cozy place. Whether you’re eating casually or celebrating. their menu has pastas, rice dishes, and hearty meals that are always satisfying.


Check our SGeats guide for the latest prices and pictures from the restaurant. Try creamy pastas like carbonara, rice dishes like salted egg chicken rice, and hearty meals like ribs and burgers. This article has all you need to enjoy your visit.

49 Seats Menu  With Prices 2024

49 Seats Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Light Bites 
  • Pasta 
  • Fish
  • Chicken 
  • Desserts
  • Drinks 

Light Bites Dishes

Fish BitesSGD 11.90
FriesSGD 7.90
Cheese FriesSGD 9.90
Beef Bolognese Chili Cheese FriesSGD 11.90
Chicken NuggetsSGD 8.90
Chicken Bolognese Chili Cheese FriesSGD 11.90
Onion RingsSGD 9.90
Popcorn ChickenSGD 10.90
Salted Egg Popcorn ChickenSGD 11.90
Fried Wings & DrumettesSGD 11.90
CalamariSGD 11.90
Golden EscargotsSGD 11.90
Garlic BreadSGD 6.90
ComboFries, onion rings, fried wings, calamari, chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken.SGD 31.90

Pasta Dishes

Beef Bolognese PastaSGD 15.90
Tom Yum Salted Egg Seafood Pasta with Chicken CutletSGD 19.90
Seafood Marinara PastaSGD 16.90
Seafood Carbonara PastaSGD 16.90
Classic Carbonara PastaSGD 15.90
Creamy Smoked Duck PastaSGD 17.90
Creamy Wild Mushroom PastaSGD 15.90
Smoked Duck Aglio Olio PastaSGD 17.90
Chicken Bolognese PastaSGD 15.90
Tom Yum Seafood PastaSGD 17.90
Tomato Mushroom PastaSGD 15.90

Fish Dishes

Pan Fried Fish with Tom Yum SauceSGD 19.90
Fish & Chips with Tom Yum SauceSGD 19.90
Fish & Chips with Tom Yum Salted Egg SauceSGD 21.90
Pan Fried Fish with Al Scampi SauceSGD 19.90
Fish & Chips with Al Scampi SauceSGD 19.90

Chicken Dishes

Chicken CutletSGD 17.90
Chicken ChopSGD 16.90
Cheesy Chicken ChopSGD 19.90

Desserts Dishes

Rainbow Fantasy Cake with three scoops of Ice-CreamSGD 14.90
Ice-Cream BowlSGD 9.90
Waffle with three scoops of Ice-CreamSGD 14.90
Wicked Brownie with Ice-CreamSGD 9.90
Chocolate Truffle Cake with three scoops of Ice-CreamSGD 14.90

Drinks Dishes

CokeSGD 3.90
TeaSGD 3.90
SpriteSGD 3.90
Ginger AleSGD 3.90
Sour Plum ColaSGD 5.90
TonicSGD 3.90
Jasmine Green TeaSGD 3.90
Ice Lemon TeaSGD 3.90
Qoo White GrapeSGD 3.90
Young Coconut JuiceSGD 3.90
Coke FloatSGD 6.90
Sprite FloatSGD 6.90
CoffeeSGD 4.90
MineralSGD 1.90

Frequently Asking Question (FAQs)

49 Seats offers a fusion of Western and Asian cuisine, featuring dishes like Tom Yum Seafood Pasta, Smoked Duck Aglio Olio, and Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce.

Yes, 49 Seats offers several vegetarian options, such as Vegetarian Aglio Olio and Mushroom Soup.

Some popular dishes include Tom Yum Seafood Pasta, Smoked Duck Aglio Olio, and Creamy Salted Egg Chicken.

Yes, 49 Seats offers lunch specials and set meals that provide great value, featuring a variety of dishes and drinks.

49 Seats’ opening hours vary by location. Please check with your nearest outlet for their specific hours of operation.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you explored all the tempting choices on the 49 Seats menu? Did you find your favorite meal for today? Popular picks include the Sour Plum Cola, Ice-Cream Bowl, and Chicken Chop. Head to your nearest 49 Seats Singapore outlet and pick your favorite meal.

49 Seats Singapore Location & Opening Hours

176 Orchard Rd, #01 – 49, Singapore 238843

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